CERT Forms

These are the forms in the CERT manuals.

New Forms – 2011 Spanish
All Forms Bundle All-Forms-2011.pdf
1. Damage Assessment Completed by CERT members as they travel through the area to the CERT staging location, then given to the CERT IC/TL;
provides a summary of overall hazards in selected areas, including:

  • Fires
  • Utility hazards
  • Structural damage
  • Injuries and casualties
  • Available access

Essential for prioritizing and formulating action plans.

Damage-Assessment-2011.pdf Formulario-de-Evaluación-de-Los-Daños-2011.pdf
2. Personnel Resources Used to sign in CERT members as they arrive at the staging location; provides information about:

  • Who is on site
  • When they arrived
  • When they were assigned
  • Their special skills

Used by staging personnel to track personnel availability

Personnel-Resources-2011.pdf Registro-de-Recursos-Humanos-2011.pdf
3. Incident/Assignment Tracking Log Used by the Command Post for keeping abreast of situation status; contains essential information for tracking the overall situation Assignment-Tracking-Log-2011.pdf Diarios-de-Seguimiento-de-Tareas-2011.pdf
4a-4b. Briefing Assignment Used by the Command Post to provide instructions to functional teams; used by teams to log their actions and report new damage assessment information Briefing-Assignment-2011.pdf Instrucciones-Sobre-las-Tareas-2011.pdf
5. Victim Treatment Area Record Completed by medical treatment area personnel to record victims entering the treatment area, their condition, and their status Victim-Treatment-Area-Record-2011.pdf Registro-del-Área-de-Tratamiento-de-Víctimas-2011.pdf
6. Communications Log Completed by the radio operator; used to log incoming and outgoing transmissions Communications-Log-2011.pdf Registro-de-Comunicaciones-2011.pdf
7. Equipment Inventory Used to check out and check in CERT-managed equipment Equipment-Inventory-2011.pdf Inventario-del-Equipo-2011.pdf
8. General Message Used for sending messages between command levels and groups; messages should be clear and concise and should focus on such key issues as:

  • Assignment completion
  • Additional resources required
  • Special information
  • Status update


General-Message-2011.pdf Mensaje-General-2011.pdf
ICS 214 ICS-214.pdf

Upcoming Events

March 18, 2018
  • [March 24] [9am-12 noon]

    Flood Response Class]

    There will be a Flood Response Class on Saturday, March 24 from 9am-Noon ish.

    You DO NOT have to have a DSW card to attend this class. (All CERT Members may attend, Adult & Teen).

    This class WILL NOT be at the Fire Training Center.  It will be held at the City's Operation Center at


    4927 Oceanside Blvd

    Oceanside, Ca 92056

    (Near the Hobie Cat Bldg)


    The parking lot entrance is located at Oceanside Blvd and Catalina Cir. (Please Park there)


    This class is considered a quarterly meeting.  To maintain an active status with Oceanside CERT you need to attend at least (1) quarterly meeting and (1) skill builder annually. This is a good opportunity to fill that need.


    The class will teach and demonstrate appropriate sandbagging methods and flood control for your home or in the event Oceanside CERT is activated to assist during heavy rain climate.


    This class will be conducted outside. Therefore, dress according to the weather.  Also, please bring you PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Helmet, Vest, Gloves, Eye Protection, Sturdy Shoes, and Pants.

    Please RSVP: oceanside.cert@gmail.com for this class so we can have a head count.

    Thank you

    (a lot of time and effort go into class instruction so maximum attendance is desired)

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