CERT Forms

These are the forms in the CERT manuals.

New Forms – 2011 Spanish
All Forms Bundle All-Forms-2011.pdf
1. Damage Assessment Completed by CERT members as they travel through the area to the CERT staging location, then given to the CERT IC/TL;
provides a summary of overall hazards in selected areas, including:

  • Fires
  • Utility hazards
  • Structural damage
  • Injuries and casualties
  • Available access

Essential for prioritizing and formulating action plans.

Damage-Assessment-2011.pdf Formulario-de-Evaluación-de-Los-Daños-2011.pdf
2. Personnel Resources Used to sign in CERT members as they arrive at the staging location; provides information about:

  • Who is on site
  • When they arrived
  • When they were assigned
  • Their special skills

Used by staging personnel to track personnel availability

Personnel-Resources-2011.pdf Registro-de-Recursos-Humanos-2011.pdf
3. Incident/Assignment Tracking Log Used by the Command Post for keeping abreast of situation status; contains essential information for tracking the overall situation Assignment-Tracking-Log-2011.pdf Diarios-de-Seguimiento-de-Tareas-2011.pdf
4a-4b. Briefing Assignment Used by the Command Post to provide instructions to functional teams; used by teams to log their actions and report new damage assessment information Briefing-Assignment-2011.pdf Instrucciones-Sobre-las-Tareas-2011.pdf
5. Victim Treatment Area Record Completed by medical treatment area personnel to record victims entering the treatment area, their condition, and their status Victim-Treatment-Area-Record-2011.pdf Registro-del-Área-de-Tratamiento-de-Víctimas-2011.pdf
6. Communications Log Completed by the radio operator; used to log incoming and outgoing transmissions Communications-Log-2011.pdf Registro-de-Comunicaciones-2011.pdf
7. Equipment Inventory Used to check out and check in CERT-managed equipment Equipment-Inventory-2011.pdf Inventario-del-Equipo-2011.pdf
8. General Message Used for sending messages between command levels and groups; messages should be clear and concise and should focus on such key issues as:

  • Assignment completion
  • Additional resources required
  • Special information
  • Status update


General-Message-2011.pdf Mensaje-General-2011.pdf
ICS 214 ICS-214.pdf

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