Amateur Radio

Your Oceanside CERT Amateur Radio Team

“When the ‘Big One’ hits…we’ll be ready!” Here’s a summary of this very active group:

Communications Team SOP

Who We Are:

We are a subcommittee of Oceanside CERT, consisting of over 3 dozen licensed Amateur Radio Operators ( aka “Hams”). Our team goal is to have at least 4-5 hams within each Fire Service Area.

What We Do:

We combine the radio communication skills learned from our hobby, with the principles learned from our CERT training, toward the purpose of helping our families, friends and neighbors with communication during time of emergency. And we have fun doing it!

Where We Do It:

From our homes and neighborhoods we use Portable, Mobile and Base Station equipment to link us together, forming a communication ‘web’ throughout the City of Oceanside.

When We Do It:

We conduct an on-air “Weekly Net” exercise taking radio check-ins from all 8 Fire Service Areas within the City. We hold a Monthly Meeting where we get together for planning and training. We do several field tests and drills per year.

How We Do It:

We volunteer our time and provide our own radio station equipment, with focus on improving our station perfor-mance and radio operating skills. We gladly extend a helping hand to others within Oceanside CERT interested in learning more about amateur radio, obtaining their ham license, and finding economical equipment to get started. We educate fellow hams about the benefits of receiving CERT training.

Why We Do It:

We offer a potentially important extra level of communication for Oceanside CERT and the community during time of emergency. When all else fails, ham radio will still be available for those who use it.

We welcome new members! Should you have interest in learning how to get a ham license, and would like to join our group, send an email to the below address and we’ll be glad to provide some info.

Joe Gardeski, Chair

Upcoming Events

March 18, 2018
  • [March 24] [9am-12 noon]

    Flood Response Class]

    There will be a Flood Response Class on Saturday, March 24 from 9am-Noon ish.

    You DO NOT have to have a DSW card to attend this class. (All CERT Members may attend, Adult & Teen).

    This class WILL NOT be at the Fire Training Center.  It will be held at the City's Operation Center at


    4927 Oceanside Blvd

    Oceanside, Ca 92056

    (Near the Hobie Cat Bldg)


    The parking lot entrance is located at Oceanside Blvd and Catalina Cir. (Please Park there)


    This class is considered a quarterly meeting.  To maintain an active status with Oceanside CERT you need to attend at least (1) quarterly meeting and (1) skill builder annually. This is a good opportunity to fill that need.


    The class will teach and demonstrate appropriate sandbagging methods and flood control for your home or in the event Oceanside CERT is activated to assist during heavy rain climate.


    This class will be conducted outside. Therefore, dress according to the weather.  Also, please bring you PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Helmet, Vest, Gloves, Eye Protection, Sturdy Shoes, and Pants.

    Please RSVP: for this class so we can have a head count.

    Thank you

    (a lot of time and effort go into class instruction so maximum attendance is desired)

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