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Oceanside CERT is a non-profit California corporation, incorporated in February of 2006 and granted tax exempt status under IRS tax code 501 C-3 on April 12, 2010. Donations or sponsorships presented to Oceanside CERT by any corporation, business, group, or individual are exempt from both state and federal taxes.

Over the last seven years the Oceanside CERT program has been limited to small donations and a few small grants. Now the group is initiating an expanded fund raising effort to allow the program to move forward to provide expanded training, the acquisition of response supplies, communications equipment and a utility trailer.

To expand our fund raising efforts we are reaching out into the organization, looking for members with experience or an interest in fund raising activities to help with this important effort.

Also, we are asking each of our members to check with their employers and other organizations they are affiliated with for matching fund programs, business sponsorships and/or donation opportunities that may be available to Oceanside CERT. As you uncover these opportunities, please advise Linda McLaughlin. Please contact Linda at lsmmclaughlin@cs.com or 760 630 9624. Please provide any leads to the organization(s) and the appropriate contact person(s) so we can follow up on them.

Some of the areas that have been identified as needs of the group are as follows:

  • A new or low mileage used crew cab pick-up truck capable of pulling a 4000 pound trailer.
  • Funding to finance a second CERT 10- week academy each year within Oceanside. The demand is significant and the need large.
  • Funds to purchase medical supplies and search and rescue materials to be used to respond to a local emergency as well as training.
  • Funding to purchase a dozen hand held ham radio units to meet our CERT communications needs
  • Acquire a CERT repeater antenna system to supplement our communications needs.
  • The acquisition of a pod to store emergency response equipment and supplies. A storage pod 12 X 8 up to 20 X 8 would be a desirable size.

In addition to this larger fund raising effort, the group has been conducting smaller fund raising activities at various area restaurants.

Other opportunities are also being investigated to develop grants to support our training program.

Again, without a dynamic fund raising program, Oceanside CERT will remain very limited as to its response efforts. The economy is tight so we know that an extra effort is necessary to meet our goal for the year ahead. Your chance to help our program grow is before you, so we encourage you to reach out and volunteer to assist our fund raising efforts by identifying grants and/or sponsorship opportunities. Do call or contact Linda

McLaughlin with your suggestions. You can make a major difference in helping Oceanside CERT to be adequately prepared to assist the Community.


Please come out and support the Oceanside Fire Explorers at Killer Pizza From Mars on April 16th from 11:00am to 9pm. You can either bring a copy of the flyer or mention that you are there to support the Oceanside Fire Explorer’s. Killer Pizza From Mars will be donating 20% of all food and drink orders to Explorer Program.  
The Oceanside Fire Explorer program is a hands-on training program for young men and women ages 14 to 20 who are interested in a future career in the fire service. 

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